Should I be scared?




Ok, well maybe a little.


What should I expect?

Most excellent dancing, lovely libations , and surprises. In short: expect the unexpected.


What should I wear?

Well now, that really is a personal choice isn’t it? Costumes are a good start. The Grand Master loves creativity. And the King and Queen say ‘The colors gold, ruby and black are very in for the 2012 Pledge Class.’


Should I drive/ is there parking?

NO! The event is right downtown, so you should catch a cab home, bike or walk.
Masonic Temple
2205 Broadway St, (at Pine St.)
Boulder, CO 80302


Is there child care?

Ha! That’s a good one.


Where do proceeds from the event go?

To the non-profit Colorado Children’s Automobile Safety Foundations


Can I invite friends?

Are they worthy of The Society? Are they responsible?

If yes. Then absolutely yes.


What should I do if zombies attack?

Statistically, it’s not likely that zombies will attack. But if so, try standing very, very still. Recent studies have shown that zombies may only be able to sense movement.


If I start as an Apprentice, will I get a chance to ascend to higher ranks?

Absolutely. The Society encourages upward mobility. Who knows…you may be knighted or even have your turn as The King. Stay positive and work hard. You will be rewarded.


Will I need a password to enter?

Let’s just say, it behooves you to acquire a password before arrival. You can do so by purchasing your ticket in advance, or by paying close attention to the details of the Evite and website.


Can I have a hint?

Sure: the password is not Pav Emir


Where can I see the quest list and RSVP?  

 See the evite.



you are being watched